Team assignment is not perfectly random

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Team assignment is not perfectly random

Post by guissmo »

We've tried 16 times and 2 people out of 4 just don't become teammates and it's frustrating.

How about have an option for choosing teammates in friendly games?
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Re: Team assignment is not perfectly random

Post by Guudys »

Yes I had done a suggestion ticket here but I see there's been a suggestion that was more upvoted and was there before mine (somehow checked before making the ticket and didn't see it) here so feel free to upvote this but it seems like the developers haven't done any changes in months.

If I check my stats, out of the 12 games I've played with all my friends, I have NEVER been in the same team as one of them. I think it's random but extremely unlucky. In real life, you can actually choose who you are playing with so for that friend, I've only been on the same team irl and never on BGA.
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