Mode Arene, plus de 1 an de 1vs1

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Mode Arene, plus de 1 an de 1vs1

Post by Vynvanfreith »

Très décevant comme décision de rester en 1vs1 pour plus de 1 an maintenant. J'aimerais dont pouvoir rejouer en mode arene à ce jeu, mais 1vs1, ce jeu n'est vraiment pas intéressant. Diversification demandé svp.

Very disapointed this game is still on 1vs1 for more than a year now.
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Re: Mode Arene, plus de 1 an de 1vs1

Post by jsnoop36 »

I've been a Guru and voted for 1v1 for a long time and also only ever played 1v1 games on BGA. I feel strongly that if you want to play IAWW competitively, it must be played 1v1 and that the game's mechanics are extremely fun multi-player, but not for competition. The primary reason for this is that it is almost always the case that the "third player" can decide which of the other two players will win, by which cards they decide to draft. Competitive IAWW is a very zero-sum game, you have to draft cards that are good for you, but you also have to prevent your opponents from getting cards that are good for them. This dynamic works absolutely perfectly in two-player, but does not work well in multi-player, especially with players of varying skill levels involved in multi-player games and with the BGA ranking system rewarding players for trying to get 2nd place, rather than trying to win themselves (I strongly disagree with this, I think the purpose of games should always be to try to win). But, most specially, in 3p IAWW games, you often have two people competing for yellow/financier cards and one player competing for blue/general cards and this just gives a huge huge advantage to the player who is going for blue/general, this doesn't make for skilled/fun games. In 4p, it gets somewhat better with all strategies usually having multiple people competing for them, but then you have more skill variety and the zero-sum nature of needing to draft cards that are good for your opponents breaks down even further. I think the most prime example I can give for this is, say that I'm playing a 3p game and it's round 4 and I'm dealt Atlantis and the opponent who is being passed this hand not directly, but 2 cards from now, is going generals and has lots of blue production and 10+ generals already and will win if they get Atlantis. I've been going financiers and Atlantis is useless to me and there's also a space elevator available, which gives me a shot at winning. Should I draft Atlantis or Space Elevator? The answer is you should draft Space Elevator on the knowledge that the opponent who you are passing to "MUST" take Atlantis or else the 3rd player will win, that's the game theoretically correct thing to do. However, then player you pass Atlantis to is like "screw you for being selfish, I'm not doing your dirty work and taking Atlantis, you should've taken it yourself". Or maybe they are a less experienced player and don't believe in taking cards from opponents, only in trying to maximize their own score. It just creates a not well suited for competitive play and judging of skill element of the game. Most people don't understand the game theoretic implications of the decision they are making or play that way. It can be a lot of fun when playing with friends and frustrating each other and knowing how the others play and knowing that you're going to play with these players again, so "doing the right thing" can be paid back, etc. But it's not meant for judging of skill in my opinion. I'll conclude with the other situation, imagine same situation and dealt Space Elevator and Atlantis in round 4, but now you are passing directly to the player who wins if they get Atlantis. In this case, the game theoretic play is to take Atlantis and hope that a financier multiplier still gets passed to you, but this likely means that you'll finish in 3rd rather than 2nd, because you did the game theroretically right thing. How many players make that decision, versus the selfish one and take Space Elevator.

Anyway, I'll personally continue to vote for 2p IAWW. If you want to play 3/4/5 player IAWW, it's a great and fun game. If you want to play IAWW competitively, I think 2p is the only option that actually works and is able to differentiate skill.
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