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Beginner Programmer

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Hello! I do not know if I am writing this at the right place but I’m desperate for help. I have been learning to code HTML/Javascript/CSS for more or less 1 year. I would like to « copy » a board game and write a code. The issue is that I want to include a « computer » player. Does anybody know of any ressources or things I could look up to make this easier? I am addressing this in this forum as I know that you recognize the difference between coding a typical « browser » game and a board game and might have ideas for coding computer opponents.

I wanted to start with a game like « Lost Cities » or « Azul » but I have no idea of how to do a computer opponent that plays a move that is good.

Clarification: I do not want it to play the best move possible using an AI or a very complicated algorithm. I only want it to play a move which is not bad considering certain parameters.
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Re: Beginner Programmer

Post by AxeCrazy »

Building an ai player is not a walk in the park.
I guess the zombie player could be used for that although I am not sure since only acts on timeouts of a regular player I thought.
And then comes the decision making bepending on the game.
And the ai should not be too smart so regular people still have a change…

Short, good luck and keep us piton the process
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Re: Beginner Programmer

Post by ufm »

In BGA, engines or AIs are not allowed. All 'bots' in BGA are actually automas which use hard-coded rules (e.g. Heat).
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Re: Beginner Programmer

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