JOLLY e AKQ in Machiavelli

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Force Assalt
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JOLLY e AKQ in Machiavelli

Post by Force Assalt »

Mi domandavo se fosse possibile aggiungere al gioco i Jolly e la possibilità della scala A-K-Q... Il gioco risulterebbe molto più gradevole e realistico...

I was wondering if the Jolly and the A-K-Q scale could be added to the game ... The game would be much more enjoyable and realistic ...
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Re: JOLLY e AKQ in Machiavelli

Post by Estemy »

Definitely agree on the jokers/jolly "expansion". This game really needs them for that extra edge.
Not so sure about the other one. I think it would destroy the game as youd have no more hard on the edge cards as ace and king are now. But nothing against adding it as an expansion. In a teaching game it might also be easier for the players.
Another idea: it might be worth mentioning somewhere in the rules or info that this game is also called Rummikub. Many know it under a different name and have no idea it's the same game. It would add popularity to a game that really needs it.
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