Quite a serious bug with Streamlining

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Quite a serious bug with Streamlining

Post by Corwin007 »

I already logged a bug report for this, but thought there's a chance for it to be seen faster here.

Bug report: https://en.boardgamearena.com/#!bug?id=11200

Game: https://en.1.boardgamearena.com/eminent ... e=44706390

My opponent had researched Streamlining, and while I was on a phone I tapped on it trying to remind myself what it did. Then I tapped on one of my cards, and it applied Streamlining's effect (removing it from the game) AND moved Streamlining to my empire.

I haven't made any other move after that, because this really compromises the game. Not sure whether this can be fixed for this game so that we can continue even if the bug isn't actually fixed.
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