Algorithm for starting position?

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Algorithm for starting position?

Post by souly4 »

It would be interesting to know if this implementation is programmed this way that every color must subordinate to some rules in the starting position, like:

- x or more (at least x) of the color must be in the upper/bottom half
- x or more must be in the left/right half
- x or less must be connected at the very start, which would probably be the largest indicator of fairness
- x or less connected groups of one color exist at the start (or reverse, x or less isolated, depending on the approach)

I have for a very long time played with two colors each player anyway, once to mitigate the advantage in the occasional one-sided starting position, but especially because it's naturally much more interesting to me. And still every now and then you will hit just the two colors that seemingly are least favorable at the start.
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Re: Algorithm for starting position?

Post by DrKarotte »

I cannot confirm anything about the implementation on BGA, but most likely it follows the rules of the game which state that there must not be connected groups of more than 5 pieces of one color (vertical and horizontal). In the real game the board consists of 10 separate rows, which you fill randomly and than place next to each other, changing positions until the said condition is met. If no combination works then you will probably start again with filling the columns.
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Re: Algorithm for starting position?

Post by Een »

Yes, that was some time ago but from memory in the code it's just random and start over if the rules conditions are not met.
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