Final Scoring

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Final Scoring

Post by Steelchampion »

Just had my first solo game to try it out (game seems great btw!) and I have a few questions regarding end-game scoring.

Are all pigs and crops on the player board at the end automatically sold or does that need to be done manually?

In the same vein, are trade commodities automatically exchanged for something? (silver I would assume).

Finally, are unused roof tiles exchanged for anything, or does this also need to be done manually (for example, ones which give crops could then in theory be exchanged directly into silver).

These questions seem relevant here and not over at BGG since they only apply to the digital version and not the physical version.

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Re: Final Scoring

Post by hersh »

It's suppose to be automatic including roof markers. I did notice recently that roof markers were not calculating properly, but have corrected that now. hopefully :)

Can report a bug if you notice any errors.

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