Thoughts after ~50 plays (from longtime Race player)

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Thoughts after ~50 plays (from longtime Race player)

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- produce consume is broken. It suffers from several problems:
a) takes two phases to finish, probably the most broken, while your developer leader is developing 3-4 devs you are consuming a few goods
b) goods are stuck on the world after produce, essentially crippling you of those crucial resources

- reassign is the most broken skill, best dev to start IMO is homeworld allegience followed by the cheap ones like public works and galactic recycling and terraforming guild which give money bonuses after dev and settle actions (dev actions are superior though)

- explore / dev is pretty much the only way to play, one to create your card list and resources to start your dev engine, and the second to just pile on with an increasingly powerful set of abilities

- not all homeworlds are created equal, the consumer markets one comes out as particularly bad, novelty and consumption die are useless, whereas on the other side we have new sparta the alien worlds that give alien die (special shout out to the +4 stocking alien one), and the gene one which gives -1 dev cost to reassign which as mentioned earlier is the best ability followed by cash flow

- IMO a couple changes might help
1) choice of world / two tile combo
2) just throw away the useless starting ones (the gene and novelty ones are all mostly useless)
3) some devs are also useless, particularly the ones that let you sell goods for $1 dollar more since produce consume is broken
4) some kind of "2P advanced" version which lets you choose two phases might help, I know original Race without the two phase choices feels so disjointed compared to the 2PA i'm used to playing. Haven't given too much thought into it but a produce / consume engine only works well when you can choose produce / consume every turn, so it might work better.
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