Nice game but annoying UI?

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Nice game but annoying UI?

Post by rspn »

I just started playing this game - it is fun, but I find the board 'look' very strange.
Each section contains a triplet - suspect, crime and location. The boxes for each of these are quite small, with most of the space given to a background photo which has absolutely no role in the game.
Further, in each of the boxes, the NAME of the suspect/crime/location is even smaller, making it hard to read (The rest of the space is again a meaningless photo).

As a consequence,
1. It becomes difficult to read/find a particular name on the board
2. One needs to scroll down to see all the different sections when it could all easily fit into one screen space.

Do others find this annoying as well, and is it possible to change the UI (at least the ratio of name font size to background photos)?
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