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If there are 2 Fight Tokens on one tile, sometimes the following bug occurs:

The player that plays such a tile has to choose one of the fight tokens. This token gives a food point to the other player (as usual). The other fight token is discarded. It does not give a bonus to its possessor.

After such a move is played, the game freezes. Nothing can be done - one player must leave the game and recieve -10 karma. Otherwise the game would be there forever...

The bug report ( https://boardgamearena.com/bug?id=17466 ) exists for quite some time. If you have experienced the same error, then please upvote the bug such that it will be repaired some time...

I had two such games in a short time now.

Please note that I had different games with 2 fight tokens on a tile which were handled as they should. Both gave a bonus to their possessors, there was no need and no possibility to choose one of the fight tokens...
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