Slow down animations please!

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Slow down animations please!

Post by Nubio »

Please slow down the animations! We were playing a game the other day and it was very difficult for us to follow the actions done by players, trying to follow it was dizzing and a bit frustrating, please slow them down or even make the players confirm after every action so everyone can follow on what is happening on the game
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Re: Slow down animations please!

Post by JusterGame »

I made exactly the same kind of request/suggestion on the SUGGESTIONS forum on 8th November, Nubio - "Slower animations PLEASE".
I mentioned Tokaido (the final scoring process especially) and ColtExpress.

In my recent comment on that thread, I congratulated BGA for the GOOD animation management that crops up during the scoring phases of Alhambra. I also asked whether a "slow down George" option could be available in games setup - so that people who START a table had a choice to slow animations down a bit. :idea:

But thus far I have the impression that the thrust of the speed-issue is often towards rapid play and rapid completion for expert online players. :(
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