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Giordano Bruno 1974
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Beta feedback

Post by Giordano Bruno 1974 »

Thanks for making this game. I used to really love playing cribbage and look forward to playing this again.

First of all, it looks great, good job there.

It works as far as I can tell but there was one minor bug. An odd thing happened on one of my hands. Having discarded to the crib and before we start playing cards to the table, I found that I only have three cards in my hand. Where the leftmost card was, I now have a blank space and can only see the table. When I played a 6 to the table, the missing card (a 7) suddenly became visible in the correct place in my hand (far right).

A minor grammar Nazi quibble is that when the instruction tell me to discard two cards to "Your crib", the Y ought to be lower case.

When the hands and cribs are being evaluated, the cards flash by too quickly for me to try to work out why my hand is worth 10 points, it would be nice if this were slower or I, at least, had an option to slow this down. I was trying to teach a family member how to play but it's tricky when the cards are only visible for a short time. It would also help someone learning the game to have a text description of why points are being awarded even if it's only in the game log.

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Re: Beta feedback

Post by gfull43 »

Might as well use this to give more feedback- love the game in general! Only major feedback is to automate go during pegging. No reason to waste a turn (especially playing turn based like I do) waiting for one person to log in to say go!

Thanks guys!
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Re: Beta feedback

Post by Yoippari1840 »

Glad to have this game here. Is there a chance to add 3 player and 4 player team play to this?

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Re: Beta feedback

Post by Gagglezoomer »

Thank you very much for making this game. It is a wonderful addition. For the most part I very much enjoyed the game play. Most of my feedback is probably based more on personal preference, than actual issues.

Some of this may have been touched on in the Cribbage is now in BETA forum, so apologies for repeats.

** Likes
Showing who has crib in the right hand section
Showing your total count on the board w/ the players in the right hand section
Spinning\timer icon to show that you have something to do, or whos turn it is
Having all the details in the game feed section to the right

** Feedback - My preference for play style. I realize this is beta, and some of this may likely be addressed in upcoming builds.
Leave the hands on the screen until the count is acknowledged by the player
-- I really prefer to have to click something to move it along.
---- Can this be an made as an option
-- If not that, then leave on the screen a little longer
---- Can this be an adjustable time selection in the options
Having the above for counts and display being as options allows for players to adjust the game play to their preferences. This seems to have been the biggest talking point in the other forum.

Show counts with the cards, and not just in the feed
-- Or make this available as an option
Is it possible to show my cards, and counts in the lower section rather than just using the space above the "My Hand". Keeping the above as a space for the opponent, and crib cards
Show count to 121 at each 5 or 10 mark on the board

Again, thank you again for making this game. I will enjoy it in whatever the final form may be. Please do not take my feedback as criticism, it is just my opinion based on my personal game play and play habits.
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