concurrent travel ?

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concurrent travel ?

Post by drdrd »

Would it be possible to implement a mode where all players travel concurrently during the last phase of each round ? Obviously trying to do so on the real board would be rather chaotic, but with a digital implementation, it ought to be possible.

Maybe when you're playing at a very high level, you modify your plans depending on where previous players have ended their turn, but at the low level I play at, you plan your route when placing the transport tiles, not when travelling. (By the same token, the travel phase ought to be fairly quick, but if the first player decides to do some last-minute planning, it can hold things up a bit.)

To keep things fair, could arrange so that the moves are entered concurrently, but not revealed to other players until all players have committed.

ETA: perhaps I should mention that we always play with the hometown variant. Perhaps when playing without that, it is more relevant where other players end their turn ?
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