Tiebreaker doesn't work the right way

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Tiebreaker doesn't work the right way

Post by JustMega »

There are 2 tiebreaker in the game:
1st one is most gems(couted without coal)
2nd is less coal (only coal is counted)

In this version of the game for the 1st tiebreaker the coal is counted as a gem as well. WHat is fals.
You shoud fix that.

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Re: Tiebreaker doesn't work the right way

Post by paramesis »

The rules state on page 5: "Apart from this rule [that Rocks must be picked up first] Rocks are treated exactly the same as Jewels, with all other rules applying to both." This includes counting in tiebreakers.

Tiebreakers on BGA only compare a single number. This solution implements both tiebreakers as a single comparable number in a way that is logically correct.

The number is (total number of jewels, including rocks) * 100 + (total number of jewels not including rocks)

If one player has more jewels, including rocks, the second tiebreaker (not multiplied by 100) is irrelevant. If tied players have the same number of jewels, then the numbers multiplied by 100 will be the same, and the player with the fewest rocks will have more non-rock jewels, equating to a higher tiebreaker score, and the win.
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