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2 players rules

Post by PhilDeFer98 »


I recently played a 2 players Colt Express game (so 2 characters vs 2 characters) and I noticed that some rules are different from the original rules of the game. Especially the french rules (https://www.data.ludonaute.fr/Colt_Expr ... 016_FR.pdf) differ from the English one (https://world-of-board-games.com.sg/doc ... xpress.pdf).

And as Colt Express is initially a french game, we should trust the french rules that reflect more the editor wills.

1. Title of Gunslinger

In the English version:
- "However, no one wins the title of Gunslinger in the 2-player game."

In the French version:
- "Le titre d’As de la gâchette est décerné au joueur dont la somme des Balles tirées par ses deux Bandits est la plus grande. Attention, chaque joueur a 1 point de malus pour chaque balle de ses deux couleurs dans sa pioche personnelle (cela signifie que l’un de ses Bandits a tiré sur son autre Bandit)."
- Translation : "The title of Gunslinger is won by the player for whom the sum of the shot bullets is the highest. However, the bullets that were shot by a Bandit to the second team mate count as malus points for the title of Gunslinger"

In my opinion, there should actually be the title in the 2 players version, because without it, the shoot cards are quite useless.

2. Settings of the Teams

In the English version:
- "Each player chooses a team of two Characters."

In the French version:
- "Isoler Ghost, Doc et Belle. Attribuez-leur aléatoirement un partenaire parmi les trois autres Bandits. Chaque joueur choisit alors une équipe."
- Translation : "Isolate Ghost, Doc and Belle. Assign them randomly another Bandit to make three pairs. Then each player chooses a Team."

So the goal here is to prevent overpowered teams when the Bandits are assigned randomly. In fact, I recently played against a player who received the Ghost-Doc team. So he could have one more card and play the first card hidden (even if it was a Doc card). I clearly had a disadvantadge. So I think this could be better to apply this French version of the rule too :
- If the BGA settings allow the players to choose their Bandits, the game display the pairs and the player choose the team
- If the BGA settings don't allow the players to choose their Bandits, the game directly assigned them one team

3. Undercover rule

In the English version:
- Nothing is said about that point.

In the French version:
- "Pendant la phase 1, lors d’un tour de table Standard (pas dans un Tunnel, ni lors d’un Aiguillage, d’une Accélération...), si un joueur place une carte Tir d’un Bandit sur la pile commune, il peut immédiatement, dans le même tour, jouer une carte Action de son autre Bandit. Cette seconde carte ne peut pas être une carte Marshal."
- Translation : "During the first phase and during a standard turn (no tunnel, no switching, no speeding-up, ...), if a player plays a Shoot card for one Bandit, he immediately can play another action card from the another Bandit. This second card cannot be a Marshal.

I think again this rule can be very interesting and could create a lot of strategy during the plans.

So what do you think ? I know the BGA policy is to mimick as much as possible the IRL games. And apparently, the English rules forgot to mention some of the important rules of the 2 players game. So, should I send a "report bug" for that ?

Thanks for your future replies :)
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Re: 2 players rules

Post by Pinovitch »

Moi j'ai les règles françaises de 2014 en main, et la variante 2 joueurs est comme la version anglaise et donc comme celle de BGA : pas d'as de la gâchette.

La version française citée s'appelle "Variante 2 bandits par joueur", jouable de 2 à 3 joueurs... donc c'est pas tout à fait la même chose.

Mais quoiqu'il en soit ce serait intéressant de l'intégrer au jeu, rendant les parties plus stratégiques.

Par contre il faudrait laisser le choix aux joueurs
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Re: 2 players rules

Post by Quinarbre »

Like Pinovitch pointed out, the variant you refer to has been published after the game was released on BGA.
There was a plan to integrate it later, but it takes time (after more than 5 years I still have a few unfixed long-time bugs...) and is very low-priority since the game makes most sense at high player count.

To answer your first comment: no matter where the game comes from, the policy on BGA is to use the english rules as a reference (which makes sense, so that most players can read them).
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