Feature Request - Undo card selection

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Feature Request - Undo card selection

Post by trthompsonia »

Twice now I have jumped into a game, didn't realize which point in the turn we were at and selected the wrong card.

An option to revert to the start of the phase would be most welcome, as most other tile placement / card selection games on BGA allow.
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Re: Feature Request - Undo card selection

Post by Quinarbre »

Well, in Schemin' phase, a player's turn consists solely in playing a card, so if you ask confirmation for each turn, you're effectively doubling the workload.
Even considering the possibility to change your mind until the next player plays, there's an element of speed involved too: imagine you play a card, your opponent chooses his, but right before he clicks you change your mind. Now the card he chose is wrong, but maybe he won't realize it until the player after him plays.
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