Extension ?

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Extension ?

Post by W4ffle »


I play love letter from time to time, always with the extension (additionnal roles) that I really like. I wanted to play a game this evening and I discovered that it seems the extension is not available anymore.
Could it be due to a mistake or is this intended? If it's intended would it be possible to know why?

If you could bring it back it would be really great! :)
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Re: Extension ?

Post by voriki »

When you play with 2-4 players(3-4 here on BGA) you play with the 16 basic cards(5 Guards, Priests, Barons, Handmaidens, Princes, King, Countess, Princess).

For 5-8 players it automatically gives the Premium Edition(name not related to Premium subscription on BGA), with 16 added cards. Extra 3 Guards, Jester&Assasin, Cardinals, Baronesses, Sycophants, Counts, Constable, Dowager Queen and Bishop.

You cannot play Premium Edition on BGA with less than 5 players.
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