The way we used to play.

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The way we used to play.

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There are few rules we used to play with which I think might make the version on BGA better. If they could be added as Optional rules, that would be great.

1). We always played with 2 decks. All cards are dealt out, it really cuts down on singletons.
2). If you play a single card, the next player has to follow suit, So if you play a 3 of clubs, if you want to play on that, you have to play a higher club. This rule was especially good because it made players decide if they wanted to split apart pairs or 3-of-a-kinds just to play that round.
3). 1 two beats a single card or pair. 2 twos beats 3-of-a-kind or 4-of-a-kind. 3 twos beats 5-of-a-kind or 6-of-a-kind, 4 twos beats 7 or 8 of a kind.
4). The Beggar has to wait to get the two cards from the President, and then give up any twos and/or the 2 highest cards in those suits. So if the President hands the Beggar a 3 of clubs and 4 of diamonds and the Beggar only had one 2, they would give up a two but then could choose from either of the suits and give the President their highest from that suit. If the Beggar had an Ace of clubs, but the highest diamond was a 9, then the Beggar could choose to hand over their only 2 and the 9 of Diamonds (twos are mandatory to give up). Doing it this way penalizes the Beggar less. It also makes the President think about what cards to hand over. If the Pres hands over a pair of 3's for instance, maybe the beggar just adds it to the 3 threes they already have, and then gets to lead 5 threes. When we were forced to not use this rule, we found one person just remained the Beggar for virtually all of the game, never able to overcome the 2-card penalty.
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