Two player version feels really bad

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Two player version feels really bad

Post by jeff1010322 »

I am surprised this game is listed as allowing 2 players because it makes no sense as a two player game. I feel like this game was never play tested as two players because it definitely does not work.

In a two player game you have no incentive to not pick the best card. If you pick the best card and the opponent doesn't then you get it, if you don't pick it then you give the opponent the best card when you get something that is worse. In a 3+ player game the dynamic changes a ton as there are obvious strategic choices to predict your opponents and take a worse card that doesn't get cancelled out.

Ultimately, I don't mind if 2 player variant stays, but I think Arena mode needs to at least use 3 players.
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Re: Two player version feels really bad

Post by ufm »

Well, game experience may vary by its player numbers.
But I fully agree some (if not a lot of) games are better with multiplayers than 2p, like this one.
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