Informations sur les cartes en main

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Informations sur les cartes en main

Post by diamant »

J'ai regardé plusieurs règles sur le net, et celles sont muettes au sujet d'un point important, puisque facilitant grandement le gain d'une équipe qui n'aurait plus qu'un seul pion en jeu.
Comme ce dernier pion doit arriver sur la dernière case libre d"une maison de l'équipe, la coordination des 2 partenaires est essentielle pour réussir à y arriver pile.

Les partenaires peuvent-ils donc s'échanger des informations sur les cartes qu'ils ont en main (en toute circonstance) ?

Bien entendu, ces échanges d'informations n'échapperaient pas à leurs adversaires, comme dans une partie réelle.
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Re: Informations sur les cartes en main

Post by Robo65 »

You can always open a new BGA window and start a chat with your partner. Or can I really? Didn't try yet. Many might think of this as cheating, that's why I never tried.

Without secret chat, you can transfer information by choosing the card that you exchange. And that's the idea, I think. Don't talk. Look at the board, assess the situation, try to read their minds.

Or you can brazenly ask your partner for a card in the game chat ;)

But there is another information that is useful to exchange, not only in the final sprint. Do I have a start card? There is a german Tock variant named "TAC". Before exchanging, it's mandatory for every player to declare if they own a start card. This reduces the number of hands where a player has to discard their complete hand. Having an automatic indicator for "can start" or "cannot start" would be a useful feature.

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Re: Informations sur les cartes en main

Post by failedatquittingBGA »

This is usually called “table talk” and is generally discouraged in any partner game not between friends.

I would discuss with your opponents whether you would allow this kind of talk in your game. I personally would be very against it and consider it to be cheating. You should focus on guessing what cards your partner might have and passing them a card that would help.
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Re: Informations sur les cartes en main

Post by Grandma Pam »

This is probably already happening, as per some of the *crickets* around some of the arena boards seen, and should be considered not only cheating, but an invitation to blacklist/bully opponents.
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