About temple scoring in Hawaii

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About temple scoring in Hawaii

Post by Ronja69 »

I have a question... I have played hawaii some games around 50 and first time on my really important game I didnt receive points for my temple. The explanation was that I didt get points for that temple because it didnt reached to tikis. But what about the Lono Temple that you get points after each round when you reach your goal on feeding or the Ku temple that gives you points when you go to spear token, I have noticed these players get points even when not reaching to tikis....shouldnt it be the same with all Temples? They either reach to tikis to gain points or they dont have to be reached out to tikis to score....otherwise it seems very unfair . https://boardgamearena.com/table?table=170796273 I didnt get points for my Laka temple, so I was last instead of being 2nd. And in a game https://boardgamearena.com/9/hawaii?table=171031604 player didnt reach to tikis, but still scored for Lono Temple....so which is it?
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Re: About temple scoring in Hawaii

Post by sprockitz »

Probably thinking of it this way will help. From the rules, "the players remove all place tiles of villages that do not reach at least 1 tiki before scoring the villages."

So at the end of the game any row that hasn't reached a tiki is removed. This means that the temple is no longer there and thus cannot score. It is not until the end of the game (before final scoring) that a village would be removed, therefore any temples that score during the game would still score. Temples that score at end game (and fruits associated with temples that score at end game) have to reach the tikis to avoid being removed before you score.
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