Win/Loss condition

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Win/Loss condition

Post by jujulautre »

I just finished my first game with 3 against 3, with 1 fighter eliminated for each player and 4 glyphs each, ending in a tie.
What bothers me is that it seems that the game, to judge the winner, looked at the number of eliminated fighter for each player first, then at the number of glyphs to break ties. It seems to conflict with the rules which say that, at the end of the game, i.e., if no one eliminated half the team of their opponent, the number of glyphs decides who the winner is.
So, if 2 players play with 3 fighters each, one ends with 5 glyphs and 0 kill and the other ends with 3 glyphs and 1 kill, the rules say that the player with 5 glyphs wins, but it seems that this implementation says that the player with 1 kill wins.
Is my interpretation correct ? If so, it's a bug.
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Re: Win/Loss condition

Post by lordalx »

Hi. I confirm what you understand.

There was an errata from the rulebook raised by the game designer regarding what shall be considered after the game ends with no one having half of their team eliminated :
- the one with the more remaining krosmaster wins
- then the one with the more controlled glyph cells wins

Don't see any formal communication regarding this however...
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