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Post by BoubouCroft »

I find it a bit difficult to follow and to remember when someone takes a ligne of cards.
I think it would be nice to have a symbol (or a different color) on the avatars of the players who are out until the end of a tour.

does that make sens ? (sorry for my english a bit rusted ^^)
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Re: Suggestion

Post by RicardoRix »

The player panel is disabled, which means it goes a darker grey colour.
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Re: Suggestion

Post by Jo D xxx »

RicardoRix wrote: 11 December 2020, 18:10 The player panel is disabled, which means it goes a darker grey colour.
You are right, but my friends and me are all thinking that this is a little bit hard to see. We didn´t even realise it in our first games. If possible it would be nice if it could get i little darker, so that there is a greater contrast to the aktiv players.
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Re: Suggestion

Post by Tokoloshe79 »

This definitely needs to be improved. My wife and I play together and while the 'greyed out' is clear on my laptop it is almost invisible on hers. As above, a symbol next to the players who have 'taken' would do the job.

I see this is already the most popular problem listed here:

Hopefully they'll get around to it soon.
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Re: Suggestion

Post by Marianne1 »

Hello, I would like to bump this suggestion. The darker shade, when a player has finished their turn and is not able to draw cards anymore, is not dark enough. I notice that there are 50 votes already for the report that was submitted more than a year ago. I feel that this is an easy fix. Respectfully, could developers look at this again? Thank you. (Reference report:
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