Suggestion - Last Active Event Card on Table

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Suggestion - Last Active Event Card on Table

Post by Talamare »

The current system (sometimes) show a pop up with the Event card, that you close and its basically impossible to find again

and like I said it only SOMETIMES shows that popup... Could we have it on the table the last event, maybe even the last 4 or so events (basically the last few events that led up to your turn)

The same system could allow for us to see the last few cards involved in end game scoring.

This would preferably be near the top with the main row of cards, but I would be fine if it was near the bottom with the Tactics.
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Re: Suggestion - Last Active Event Card on Table

Post by zedling »

You can already see the end-game event cards at the end, but only if you played in the last turn - as in played the replay to the end, or were there when the game ended. You can't see them if you just open an ended game, and click "see the final situation"; I think this is a bug.

Otherwise it would be nice to see the last events leading up to your turn.
+1 from me
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