Microhelp -- number of cards I have

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Microhelp -- number of cards I have

Post by 57erniepyle »

It is hard for these old eyes to see the difference between having 5 of a card versus 4 or 6. Could you add some microhelp that displays the number of cards in a pile when you mouse over them?

To help newbies, you could add the point value: "6 (15 pts)".

Just a thought. It's a nice little game.
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Re: Microhelp -- number of cards I have

Post by RicardoRix »

This would be nice to have, better than inferring it from the score.
The tooltip popups can be annoying too. Could they have a delay on them? Or only show the tooltips from the stacks, not when you try and pick a tile.
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Re: Microhelp -- number of cards I have

Post by USM_KamikazeKid »

When viewing cards in your opponent's stack, or your own stack, simply touch the cards that gave already been drafted and it will give a points value. Based on this, it will let you know how many of that type you have.

I know its not the simplest answer you wanted, but I haven't found any other way of tracking my cards than by simply following points.

Maybe an update could fix this?
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