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New version

Post by Plygames »

Over 3.500 people played the Exploration: Warzone on Board Game Arena. We received a lot of constructive feedback and ideas that took the game to the next level.
- New win conditions, with various strategies to win. Thanks to them, even if you seem to play badly at the start, you still have a chance to win by changing your strategy.
- Removal of "crude" ACCURACY stat from combat mechanics. It caused a lot of confusion and the feeling of uselessness.
- Changing the combat system of rolling dice (too much randomness) in favor of the hexes of war, which give you full control of the combat, at the same time maintaining a sense of uncertainty due to the lack of knowledge about the opponent's strategy.
- Increased number of actions to be played from 5 to 10. Usually more actions means more fun.
- From now on, actions are more complex. Base actions are divided into 3 groups: Spend resources, Take bonuses and Warzone. Something new are Global effect cards which immediately affect all players.
- To improve the balance of the game, a simple element of the economy based on 3 types of "resources" has been introduced.

To be honest it is a new game, with a potential to become something more than a filler game based on a rock-paper-scissors scheme. It is a big-small game for the spaceship battles and “take that” enthusiasts.

Unfortunately due to lack of time apollo1001 (BGA developer) can't upgrade the game now, so please be patient.
Anyway you can read more about new version on our website.
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Re: New version

Post by JackKey »

Wow! Thank you!
That sounds like a totally new game.

Existing implementation on the BGA is buggy like hell and nobody cares of those bugs.
Probably, that's also one of the reasons the game has almost no players nowadays (there are just ~5 players who play it regularly).

As a fun of "space and galaxies" games, glad to know it will be replaced with something better one.
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