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Post by Bluewolf » 01 June 2017, 05:57

I just played Incan and I thought maybe i was playing with a variant on ?

When leaving a few times i was the only one to leave. But instead of getting the whole pot I only got what the even split which all players would get if they all left at same time? Am i misunderstanding a rule?

Expecting physical copy so want to get rules down before sharing with others.


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Re: Scoring!

Post by Morgalad » 01 June 2017, 07:51

Ummm, I'm not sure of what you mean.

Let me link the rules:

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Re: Scoring!

Post by Liallan » 02 June 2017, 05:58

I'm not quite sure what you're saying either, because I don't know what the "pot" means. I will just explain the rule. (And personally I think the rules are a little difficult to follow, not to mention that misunderstanding a rule doesn't mean you never read them.)

Let's say you have made a split of an 11 gem card, four of you are playing, so each of you has 2 treasures "in waiting." (The ones you can lose.) And the 3 leftover treasures that couldn't be split are on the gem card.

If you are the only one to leave, you have your "split" 2 treasures, plus you get all leftovers that exist, those extra 3 treasures. So you should get 5 total.

If two of you leave, you each get the already-split 2 treasures, and you get to split the leftovers. Since there's 3 to split, you each get 1 and then there's 1 still left over. (Just like you would do when a gem comes out.) So that's 1 extra for each of you, and you both get 3 treasures total.

If you're saying you're not getting those 3 leftover treasures, that's a bug. But... if you're saying you think you should get the ones that are already out, the 8 total that were originally split, then that's a misunderstanding of the rules. Even if a second matching "bad" card comes out and everyone loses those, no one else ever gets those. You get your share permanently (they're now "safe") and you only pick up the "leftovers" that couldn't be split if you leave. (Plus any artifacts if you're leaving alone.)

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Re: Scoring!

Post by FlyingArrow » 01 May 2020, 17:23

Turns out I always played it "wrong", too. See: ... -card-flip

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