Some cards missing

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Some cards missing

Post by e1q3z9c7 » 28 June 2017, 01:23

First, when I translating, there's some cards name like "Big drop", "hidden defect", "Crystallisation"...simply missing in actual game process. Then I check spell QA(fr): ... pell-cards
also has some card pictures I never seen, so I'm pretty sure there's missing cards.
The question is: why? If it's because online version must remove some cards, then they shouldn't appear at translation system, but they did, pretty bizarre huh?

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Re: Some cards missing

Post by ufm » 28 June 2017, 09:50 ... tes-du-jeu

I wondered it too. 1~3 cards are missing in Sphere 2 to 5. The link is descriptions for all cards in French, including promo cards.
Images and strings for missing cards certainly exist in the game system, but somehow they are not applied.
Well, I noticed most of excluded cards are very strong... perhaps that's the reason?

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Re: Some cards missing

Post by LTH » 19 August 2017, 19:15

Game was created after BGA version.
So at first stage we had plenty change of cards, illustrations swaps, names swaps.
actual BGA version is not so far than the preproduction game.

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Re: Some cards missing

Post by pikiou » 26 August 2017, 11:10

Indeed the BGA version is not exactly the same as the printed one.
Some cards were removed either because they were too hard to implement, or too imbalanced for BGA users.

Now, this is the first game I adapted for BGA, so it's pretty messy and I really don't want to change anything in the code it's too risky >< Really sorry for the useless translations ><

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