Allow to bluff again after caught

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Allow to bluff again after caught

Post by weingwoman »

I suggest players who are caught to call a bluff are allowed to make a type of different bluff in the same round (if they have not do that)
It is quite common that a player bluff even though he has the correct cards
For example, if I have I 40points, with noodles, noodles, soy sauce and pork on my hand, an I first discard noodles and soy sauce to look for a mushroom for instant victory and I am caught, but I should still get a chance to discard a pork.
I think this is not mentioned in the rule and not sure what the designer thinks about this.

Thanks for reading! :D
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Re: Allow to bluff again after caught

Post by gameypoehler »

I disagree completely. I would say the person who bluffs should not even get to cook after bluffing. The penalty for being wrong calling a bluff is so high that making the penalty for bluffing any lower would make it impossible to call a bluff.
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Re: Allow to bluff again after caught

Post by dschingis27 »

I agree with gameypoehler and I think it is explitcitly stated in the rules, that a player whos bluff is detected can not get any more cards in his turn.
This is quite a good reward for calling a bluff in the first attempt of a player to get new cards. However, what annoys me in this game is that it is almost always not reasonably possible to call a bluff on a players second attempt in a turn to get new cards. Oftentimes, the player has 5+ or 6+ cards then and the risk/reward weighing almost always leads to not calling a bluff.

I think it would be a good idea to not allow a player to cook if he/she bluffs in his/her second attempt to get new cards and his/her bluff is detected. That way, the second bluff and second bluff-calling decision would be much heavier and interesting.
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