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Veggie Garden

Postby Een » 11 August 2017, 15:58


This summer, we are happy to offer you the possibility of gardening even if it's rainy (or too sunny) outside! Veggie Garden, a game from Kelly North Adams published by Quick Simple Fun is now available on Board Game Arena.

In Veggie Garden, you are gonna try to grow and harvest the best veggies from a shared community garden. But each veggie you'll take will change the garden, and so just taking the veggie worth the most at some point is not gonna cut it! The cabbage shifts a row or column of veggies or of the fence posts awarding points; the carrots allow you to replace a fence post with the Rabbit, removing points for a veggie; the peas make you move the Groundhog who blocks some changes, then swap two veggies over it; the peppers allow you to swap two adjacent veggies or fence posts; the potato gives you the possibility to exchange a card of your hand with one from the garden; and finally the tomato allows you to discard a veggie from the garden and replace it with another one. During a game, 5 out of these 6 veggie types are available, and you'll have to use them in the best possible way so that the veggies you harvest during the game bring you the most points in the end. With a bonus if you manage to harvest all five types of veggies!

To learn the rules, you can watch this Rules School video:

For this nice and colourful game, we would like to thank the author Kelly North Adams and the publisher Quick Simple Fun who proposed the game for an adaptation on Board Game Arena. The development work has been taken care of by Morgalad on BGA Studio. This is now his third adaptation released on BGA: congratulations and thank you! Since Morgalad has been the developer who introduced the first 3D game (Takara Island) some weeks ago, he has also taken good care of polishing up Veggie Garden on the 3D side: we recommend you to give it a try!

Happy summer gardening!

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Re: Veggie Garden

Postby BoardgameTim » 15 August 2017, 14:44

Dutch text is unreadable. Is this translated by Google translate?

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Re: Veggie Garden

Postby JollyBird » 15 August 2017, 17:29

BoardgameTim wrote:Dutch text is unreadable. Is this translated by Google translate?

(I suppose you mean the message above.)
Yes it is til someone improves it.
Yes, the Dutch automatic translations are often not very good.
When I sometimes try to read a message in the French forum it's even worse.

In your preferences you can choose to inactivate the automatic translation to your own language.
Then you get the original English which imo is far better ;)

Sometime ago it was also possible to view (with the translate button) the French forum in English; which was most of the time very readable. But now it only translates to your own language. In Dutch this is really terrible.

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