Are the doublers working?

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Are the doublers working?

Postby Rawiri » 27 August 2017, 17:11

Wondering about this after my last game here. The story is as follows: I was building the Trans- Siberian line and coming into the last round I had 210 points, and six doublers placed. Also the points enhancer was placed.

The points without doublers were:

Grey: 9 spaces = 9×1 = 9
Brown: 8 spaces = 8×3 = 24
Natural: 7 spaces = 6×7 = 42
White: 6 spaces = 10×6 = 60

Without doublers that's a total of 135 points, which the interface was duly showing.

Doubler bonus with 6 doublers should have been:

Grey: 6×1 = 6
Brown: 6×3 = 18
Natural: 6×6 = 36
White: 6×10= 60

So doubler bonus should have been 120 at that rate.

So starting from 210 at 2nd last round, score at last round should have been 210+135+120=465.

But instead my final score was 345, denying me the win (boohoo poor me :D ). But anyway my point is that doublers don't appear to be working.

Am I right with these calculations and what the final score should have been? Or have I misunderstood how doublers work here?

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Re: Are the doublers working?

Postby N_Faker » 27 August 2017, 18:59

Only the highest value track is scored per section.
You don't get cumulative points from lower scoring tracks.

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