Outlaws: Last Man Standing on Kickstarter + BGA!

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Outlaws: Last Man Standing on Kickstarter + BGA!

Postby Een » 07 September 2017, 19:26


Once upon a time in the West... we have the pleasure today to release a brand new game on Board Game Arena, Outlaws: Last Man Standing from Jeremy Pinget published by Holygrail Games.

And when saying brand new, we really mean it: Outlaws: Last Man Standing has just started its Kickstarter campaign today! So you can now try this game on BGA, then pledge for it on Kickstarter to make it exist as a beautiful box set to enjoy with your friends on gaming nights!

Outlaws: Last Man Standing is a ruthless Wild West duel between two Governors trying to prevail in the presidential race, and who aren’t shy about the methods they’re prepared to use! You'll be able to win fair and square by campaigning for votes and just winning the election, but your victory will be no less complete if you can get your Hitman to assassinate your opponent's Governor. Be careful though, as your Hitman can be arrested by your opponent's Sheriff, exposing your dark side to everyone and thus offering an easy victory to your opponent!

Outlaws: Last Man Standing is a strategic game of deduction and bluff. You'll try to get information on the 8 characters of your opponent's facing yours across Main Street and on the Object tokens lying in between, but any action will reveal some information to your opponent... Everything has a cost, and you'll have to weigh the trade-offs carefully! Then through deduction and intuition you'll work your way to a masterful strike... or an epic failure :) As there are 10 characters with different powers in your team, you'll need some games to really get into strategizing and blow the mind of your opponent with some cards up your sleeve! But we are quite certain that right from the first game, the bets you'll have to take will get your adrenaline flowing! That's how it was for us!

To know everything about the game and watch the beautifully crafted 1 minute trailer for the game, please visit the Outlaws Kickstarter page.

We would like to send a very special thank you to the whole Holygrail Games team: congratulations on this great game, we wish you a very successful Kickstarter campaign!


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Re: Outlaws: Last Man Standing on Kickstarter + BGA!

Postby entonnnydid » 07 September 2017, 20:52

a quando la traduzione in italiano

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Re: Outlaws: Last Man Standing on Kickstarter + BGA!

Postby cashdaddylove » 09 September 2017, 10:46


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Re: Outlaws: Last Man Standing on Kickstarter + BGA!

Postby LucianObi » 10 September 2017, 09:01

Fantastico poterci giocare ancora prima che venga pubblicato!

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