Colt Express Balance issue?

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Colt Express Balance issue?

Post by modusoperand »

Can there be an option to ban certain characters from the game, such as Tuco and Django because they pretty bad.
Ghost being banned because it is too OP in 3 player games. Thanks
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Jest Phulin
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Re: Colt Express Balance issue?

Post by Jest Phulin »

Balance issues of which powers are more valuable are highly dependent on how many players are in the game.
Belle in a 6-player game? Powerful. In a 2-player game? Completely useless.
Also, Tuco's power is pretty good for getting the reward for shooting the most -- targets are available in more places. Climb, run around the roof, and shoot down into an occupied car can empty a gun pretty quickly.
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Re: Colt Express Balance issue?

Post by ApacheTora »

My biggest gripe is that in 1v1 games as it is, it is completely unbalanced. 2 things makes it such, and to be honest, neither one by themselves breaks the game, but in combination, it makes it nearly impossible to have a fair game.

1) Ghost - overpowered ability that completely disrupts game play. Always picked first by any competent player because, shooting is no longer a relevant factor even for Django. The game revolves around looting and punching and getting into position to do so. When mixed with Cheyenne or Doc, almost never lose given the synergy.

2) The player that picks first also plays first - there are advantages to playing last but almost none of them apply to two player games. Mixed with Ghost's hidden first play ability, they basically get to take advantage of it 60% of the game.

Like I said, neither one of these by itself is overpowering, but when the player that picks first has both advantage, i win nearly 100% of my game minue a god-awful draw. Happy to play training game with anyone to prove my theory.
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Re: Colt Express Balance issue?

Post by Quinarbre »

BGA's policy is to mimick the physical game as closely as possible.
So until the publisher and author declare those characters are banned, I don't see how it would make sense to ban them here.

Feel free to let players choose their character and have a gentlemen's agreement not to use some of them.
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