Error : "No players are out of time at now"

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Error : "No players are out of time at now"

Post by pistolstar » 04 December 2017, 21:49

I am playing Caylus on this table:
where bhlin888 is 20 days out of time !

When i try to skip his round I got this error message
"Erreur inattendue : No players are out of time at now"

This looks to be a bug. This is the first Caylus game
for this player, may be the bug is related to that ?


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Re: Error : "No players are out of time at now"

Post by Liallan » 06 December 2017, 13:44

This is not related to Caylus or that player. I've seen that happen as well. I'm trying to think what makes it happen. It's possible the player just quit the game. I would advise trying a group abandon, and if someone refuses that, just wait for it to time out on its own, because I don't think there's anything you can do about it.

If you do want to report it as a bug, first, this isn't the place to do it. (Look up, where it says not to report bugs here.) And second, it's not related to Caylus so it would need reported under site-wide. (You might try to do a search for it first, since often the same thing gets reported over and over as a new report.)

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Re: Error : "No players are out of time at now"

Post by N_Faker » 06 December 2017, 14:44

He has already been kicked, the table hasn't ended yet because not everyone has quit. And it seems the kicked layer doesn't auto skip, which has stalled the game.

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