Any interest in a Print & Play version?

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Any interest in a Print & Play version?

Post by FourGiving »

Please see my thread at regarding the recent retail release of the game at The Game Crafter and what goes into their pricing.

A devoted fan suggested in that thread that a Print & Play version might make the game more accessible to more people. I wanted to ask you fans here on Board Game Arena if you'd be interested BEFORE I devote hours to creating pages that players could print out, and then uploading them to boardgamegeek.

The advantage of a Print and Play version is that you can just print as many cards as you want. If you wanted ALL the cards here on BGA + the fun (but optional) Orange Cards + some blanks to create your own, you'd be looking at around 75 pages of paper to print and cut. But you could always print fewer pages/cards and try it out and see what you think.

Would any of you be interested in me creating and uploading pages of cards for you to cut out and introduce it to friends and family at home, or maybe even in the classroom?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this. And, as always, thanks again for your support. You "guys" are the best :)
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Re: Any interest in a Print & Play version?

Post by Liallan »

I hate the first response to be the negative direction, but I tend to shy away from this type of thing just because it uses so much ink, which is also expensive. (And especially with things being in color.) It's a shame really, as I was just discussing with my group recently that we needed another party game - I only own one. We don't play them that often, but it's nice to have a few around when you want them. I think they'd actually like this (and I'm quite sure would go a totally off-beat direction with it), but the cost is prohibitive to me. But lots of ink usage is also kind of prohibitive to me.

I think probably many other people must not have this issue, or don't care, or don't think about it. (I don't think people realize how much ink is used for anything but plain text.) Because I can't imagine printing most of the files I find on BGG, but apparently people do it. I sometimes wonder if they cheat and do it at work.

But if you do decide to put it up, there's one guy I know that sometimes prints things at work, because sometimes they have nothing of their own to do and they don't want the ink drying out, so they can just print any old thing they feel like. Though he's still working on another game for me - I've found it to be a slow process, but it's free so I won't argue. :-)
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Re: Any interest in a Print & Play version?

Post by N_Faker »

I will probably not make use of it.
But the option to is always nice.
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Re: Any interest in a Print & Play version?

Post by Cappie »

I would beinterested. :D
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