trans siberian

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trans siberian

Post by donxy »

hey guys i need some explanation please. i just played russian railroads and my opponent had 29 points on the trans siberian with all trains out but i had only 21 points even with one doubler on white. he had no doublers. the other opponent had 37 points with 2 doublers (one on his white train). we had all ended the track aswell. :?: :?:
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Re: trans siberian

Post by Tikhonov »

I know, it's possibly not relevant for you anymore but maybe someone else will have the same question:

It's hard to understand how the game situation was exactly, i.e. at which positions there were which tracks. But I suspect that the value of the locomotives was the reason why some got fewer points than others with less advanced tracks. The tracks only count if the locomotive can reach them. Additionally, you must have in mind, that the revaluation token (? advantage) can change the number of points per track.


white-3, nature-4, brown-5, silver-7, black-15, #6+#1 locomotive => all tracks count 7+7+7+4+2+1+1 = 29 points
white-4 (doubler on 1), nature-5, brown-6, silver-7, black-15, #2 locomotive => only your first 2 tracks count 2*7+7 = 21 points
white-1 (doubler), nature-2 (doubler), brown-3, silver-5, black-15, REVALUATION token, #7+#5 locomotive => all tracks count 2*10+2*6+3+1+1 = 37 points
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