Assistance with adding an expansion to an existing project

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Re: Assistance with adding an expansion to an existing project

Post by Victoria_La » 29 May 2018, 13:03

What are you trying to convert into what? I use imagemagic it works perfect on almost any format. If you stuck message me in private I can convert it for you.
Regarding "I want to start working on project I care about", I was not saying you should start on another game, I was saying start with tutorial, its a learning exercise. You will waste a lot more time trying to figure it out on your own if you don't go though that.

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Re: Assistance with adding an expansion to an existing project

Post by Woodruff » 30 May 2018, 08:40

Hi kermitfrog,

I guess you just can continue to post in this thread.
For graphics, I usually use Gimp, it's a nice soft for the job even if it requires some time to handle it. If I remember well it includes a batch mode that could help you to build the sprite. Later, I discovered the Python library PIL which enables to do that sort of things programmatically.

For createZone, I can't give you a specific answer because it relies on how you will structure your model to host expansion cards in PHP, and how you choose to communicate that info to JS. I don't use any of the usually convenient modules for that Deck (PHP) and Stock (JS) because I felt they were not suitable to store all card location information, so I recoded that from scratch.

For zones in JS, I guess you have to distinguish between:
  • Hands, board piles and scores, that can host any type fo card (base or expansion)
  • Deck, which are now duplicated to host a single type of card


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Re: Assistance with adding an expansion to an existing project

Post by kermitfrog » 11 August 2018, 05:29

Yes I noticed that you rewrote some of the base content that is present in the tutorials. I was also able to create sprites from the publisher images. So that part worked out pretty well.

Anyway, its been a few months since I've really looked at this seriously. I see a number of problems that need to be solved:

1. The text on the cards is displayed very differently from the old cards. There are now little boxes that contain the text so the old technique for displaying the text (one big box for everything) won't work anymore. A new scheme needs to be invented.
2. The font and exact placement of the title of the cards is different.
3. All of the symbols are a little bit different (thus the mini-sprites that appear everywhere need to be updated)
4. There are way more cards to deal with thus the memory requirements for all of the 550 cards in the sets are much greater (takes longer to load)

I don't know if there are ways to scale down the images to make them smaller, but the images captured from the cards from one of the sets is quite large (17MB).

I might start with a simpler project instead. We will see. The graphics aspects to this are more complicated than I expected.

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