Trouble with Seasons on Mobile.

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Trouble with Seasons on Mobile.

Postby GamerforGod » 12 June 2018, 06:12

Hi guys. :) I have recently started attempting to play Seasons on my Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone, but it seems like it is almost impossible to place my year one cards into my hand. Does anyone else have this trouble playing on mobile? Is there something I should know about that would make playing my year one cards easier. I have had to abandon 4 or 5 games because I have run out of time because of this issue, so any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, and have a blessed night!!!! :)

Raoul Duke
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Re: Trouble with Seasons on Mobile.

Postby Raoul Duke » 23 July 2018, 19:49

I had the same problem then I turned my phone horizontally and it worked for me. You can turn it back Wen you re done but sometimes you ll have to do it again because some cards appear in top of others
Have fun

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