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Postby Gameking51 » 13 July 2018, 00:14

First of all great job adding 7W and the implementation is wonderful, better than BSW which I think is good too. There are some feature I would like.

In the game statistics there's a lot of data given, but not a lot of it is useful. I think you should give player stats filtered separately for each Wonder type and number of players in game. It is of paramount importance to play each Wonder with its own unique strategy; they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Grouping together all the information really dilutes its analytical value. Also the number of players changes the balance of the deck and consequently the optimal strategy.

A statistic like average number of Scientific structures built is a bit meaningless for 7 wonders as a whole. With some wonders you are meant to go for a Science strategy, with others you are not. If the stat was "average number of science structures built when playing Babylon" then this is much more useful information. A player would be able to compare his stats to others and deduce that Babylon should play a Science strategy with a very high frequency - something which took me a lot of plays to figure out without the aid of stats.

A feature I would really like is being able to filter on a sliding elo scale, not just on a discrete level of skill level - the range of skill in "Good Players" is vast, and playing with inexperienced players can really kill the draft in 7 wonders, which I'm sure is true in many other games too.

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