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Obnoxious Warning Notice.

Postby ojomojojojo » 11 August 2018, 01:32

Can we please do away that obnoxious warning notice that is triggered when certain words come up? Or can it be a private thing. I can say something like "oops i made a dumb move" and here comes that annoying fine print on the bottom of what i say "is this player insulting, abusive, offensive... etc... etc... blah blah". Very obtrusive thing to read when im trying to write q simple chat. I think it is pretty evident that we can report someone. If not, maybe it doesnt need to be thrown in our faces like that in game chat but a privately said to each user. Or possibly a checkbox saying "got it. Don't show this message again" to indicate that we have read and understand and dont need constant reminder.

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Re: Obnoxious Warning Notice.

Postby RicardoRix » 11 August 2018, 09:41

it gets triggered for some strange words, like loser, holes and crap.

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