Krosmaster Arena: Season 6

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Krosmaster Arena: Season 6

Post by sourisdudesert » 31 August 2018, 10:24


We have the pleasure today to announce the availability of Season 6 of Krosmaster Arena on Board Game Arena :)

You can now play seasons 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Board Game Arena: the complete set for the "standard" format for competitions is now available!

As we explained when Krosmaster Arena was introduced on BGA, this game is going to join our Premium catalog in the future: some characters will only be available for Premium players. But for now it is free for everyone, so take advantage of this and try it :)


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Re: Krosmaster Arena: Season 6

Post by Eggbox » 31 August 2018, 13:05

Thanks for your good work!! :D :D

There are lots of people who want to use these new miniatures... even though it is imperative to add Boufbowl and the other packs/promos too, in order to gain all the competitive players you can in the Beta, if there aren't all the possible miniatures, they won't come for sure :cry:

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Re: Krosmaster Arena: Season 6

Post by kaji-zu » 11 September 2018, 18:24

A fecha de hoy 11 09 2018, no me han agregado ninguna de las figuras de mi coleccion propia de krossmaster obtenidas digitalmente.

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Re: Krosmaster Arena: Season 6

Post by jorgico » 26 September 2018, 09:42

Para tener formato competitivo, todavia faltan las figuras promo de la S3, el Dark Heroes, el OVA Pack y el Jalabol.
Creo que no me dejó ninguna, pero como ves, todavía falta mucho para que sea atractivo para los jugadores competitivos.
Además, también sería necesario que estuviesen todos los mapas disponibles para jugar.
Adicionalmente, que estuviesen todos Bugs resueltos.
De todas formas, animo con vuestro proyecto, si conseguís solucionar todos estos inconvenientes, de seguro se llenará de jugadores ;- )

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