Max Sabs option for Saboteur

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by hanavesigoblin » 14 September 2018, 16:36

sapphire778 wrote:An alternative to consider is configuring the game such that there is a higher probability of getting 3-saboteur rounds in a regular 7-player game. Currently, this probability seems to stand at around...60%.

This would be a good compromise if the programmers don't wish to include the "max sab" toggle feature, but instead retain the ambiguity and suspense elements true to the essence of this game.
I was about to suggest this too. 20-30% probability of minimum saboteurs would be good. With option to use or not to use tweaked probability, of course.
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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by N_Faker » 14 September 2018, 17:54

"7 players: 3 saboteurs and 5 gold-diggers"

So 3/8(37,5%) chance of being 2 sab and 5 digger, 5/8(62,5%) chance of being 3 sab and 4 digger.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by uuganaa » 15 September 2018, 00:09

would love to vote on this option

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by Wreckage » 15 September 2018, 02:26

The more gold for 2 sabs against 5 diggers requires a way to make that happen at all player counts. An idea to implement this could be an additional 2 gold for saboteurs if saboteur is the role card not selected.

I think the best max sab implementation might be to have the same amount of role cards as players for 2 of the 3 rounds (or 1 of the 3 rounds), and the extra role card for the other round. But the round(s) with an extra card would be randomly selected. This way the percentage of rounds with only 2 sabs would be fewer.

If there were 3 sabs in the first round there would be no way to deduce whether that was a round with an extra role card or not. I hope I wrote this idea clear enough to understand.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by Jesdebel » 15 September 2018, 04:41

BGA, cumulatively, you’ve had players whose experience is 7,500 that are requesting max sab option. If you add in the comments regarding additional gold, you have a culmination of 10,000 + games. Clearly the 2 sab option is not working as there are suggested fixes in both camps.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by VitoDon » 15 September 2018, 11:54

2 sabs are fine!
So long faith is sab :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by CricketVT » 15 September 2018, 18:08

For those that think 2 sabs is fine: Wreckage's original suggestion doesn't take away your ability to have games that randomize 2/3 sabs. It just gives the many of us who want to have max sabs the option to select it. The same way table creators can choose visible gold or not.

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Max Sab Button and additional gold for 2v5

Post by Headhunterz » 15 September 2018, 22:29

Having a option to choose max Sabs seems to be really nice. Would appreciate that.
But i also think that there needs to be a change when you decide to play without max Sab. So the suggestion to get additonal gold in a 2v5 seems quite good.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by chonti » 16 September 2018, 01:47

I agree. In the end it would be just an option, if players dont want it they can ignore it.

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Re: Max Sabs option for Saboteur

Post by lhexago » 16 September 2018, 18:21

i do not like (very very much) that solution, even if i understand why the question is asked.

having 2 or 3 sabs (in 7 players game) and find them is a part of the game. but having 2vs5 all the time is boring and much more if you are one of these sabs.

i would prefer that :
- diggers earn less when 2vs5 is won by diggers. all would have just one card 'gold' or they could win 1 gold by cad only (maybe too complicate)
- or there can be just one 2vs5 during the whole game.
- or just change the probability to have 2vs5.

-giving more options to sabs in a 2vs5 game would be nice but changes totally the "spirit" of the game.

but at least, i would not be upset if that solution would be implemented :P


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