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Post by sourisdudesert » 05 November 2018, 15:18


We are proud today to take you to the beautiful volcanic island of Taluva, a game by Marcel-André Casasola Merkle published by Ferti Games.

Taluva is a beautiful 3D placement game where each player is trying to build villages on a growing volcanic island. There are 3 types of buildings (huts, temples and towers), and to win you'll have to be the first to build all your buildings from 2 of these 3 types (ex: huts+towers, or temples+towers).

On your turn, you must first extend the island by placing a new tile, that may be above the others, and may eventually destroy some existing buildings :)

After that, you must place one building or more, using one of the following actions:
_ create a new village by placing one hut on a free field at level 1.
_ expand an existing village by placing huts on all adjacent fields of a terrain type of your choice.
_ add a temple to a village occupying at least 3 fields.
_ add a tower to a village on a free field at level 3 or more.

For a full explanation of the rules you can watch the video at the end of this news.

This adaptation is really beautiful and special because of its powerful use of our 3D mode, which is mandatory to play this game since height is a factor! When playing Taluva, please do not hesitate to change the viewpoint to have a good view of the situation, by using the 3D controls at the top right of your screen, or the associated keyboard shortcuts (arrow keys, with or without holding down the CTRL key, and "+" and "-" keys). Please also be aware that we do not recommend playing Taluva on mobile/tablet, as the 3D controls are less convenient on these devices.

The incredible work needed to provide such a beautiful 3D adaptation on Board Game Arena has been completed by Antonio Soler (Morgalad) and quietmint. A big thank you to both of them for the quality of their work!

Board Game Arena would like to thank Ferti Games and especially Jérôme and Cédric for their work on this wonderful game, and for their support and involvement in bringing this adaptation alive on BGA. We'd also like to let all Taluva fans know that Ferti Games is publishing a Deluxe version of Taluva which is particularly beautiful: we definitely recommend it to you!

Have fun!


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Re: Taluva

Post by EllieK » 05 November 2018, 19:43

Really nice! That's an exciting interface!

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Re: Taluva

Post by Butyavka » 05 November 2018, 21:06

Oh, thank you so much for the game!!!!! It’s one of my favourites, but it’s ever so difficult to persuade someone to play. Now it’s finally over))

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Re: Taluva

Post by Ankeszu » 05 November 2018, 21:16

Two months ago, 1/3 of my top3 games were on BGA. Now all three are here - thanks :D

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Re: Taluva

Post by JCase16 » 05 November 2018, 21:32

I love this and loved testing it in beta. This is one of my all time favorite games and I've been excited that my best friend just bought it. There is however one major issue in this game on BGA. Because it is 3D only it causes a major amount of processing on a phone and almost becomes completely unplayable in the latter part of the game. Granted I have not played a game for a few months so maybe Cedric and Jerome addressed this issue. I would love to know if others experience this issue.

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Re: Taluva

Post by Wentu » 05 November 2018, 22:05

very good game and nice choice!
thank you!

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Re: Taluva

Post by Fra83 » 06 November 2018, 00:22

Happy to see Taluva here :)
Thank you!

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Re: Taluva

Post by asd123321 » 06 November 2018, 01:30

Also use the right click to change angle pulling towards you or away.

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Re: Taluva

Post by Fontanacaffe » 06 November 2018, 22:33

Enjoy the chance to play this more often.

Am I mistaken in thinking that villages can't share temples or towers? (Illegal placements). I've seen this implementation allow double temples joining two previously unconnected hut groupings. Possible bug or intentional play option?

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Re: Taluva

Post by JCase16 » 06 November 2018, 23:05

A settlement cannot share more than one temple or tower unless done through connecting two settlements that already have a tower/temple built. Then it is legal to have more than one. You can never build a second tower/temple in a settlement that already has one.

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