Hive android app with BGA inside

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Re: Hive android app with BGA inside

Postby _Kex_ » 12 February 2019, 10:06

sourisdudesert wrote:Well, we still do not know if this would be good or bad for BGA

i still don't understand where this urge for an application comes from.
BGA is built as a responsive site and works just fine when used in a mobile browser (which is the way I play it most of the time anyway)
true, there are some games that could use some polishing when in mobile view (i.e. Incan Gold when played with more players and i'm sure there are others) but overall it's perfectly acceptable
an app could have it's benefits (dedicated notifications etc.) but i really don't see any overwhelming need for it

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Re: Hive android app with BGA inside

Postby Mr_Magic » 12 February 2019, 11:13

Andarus wrote:annoying to do it in such a one sided way (android and not ios).

Welcome to the world of Android users. It is far more common for things to be IOS only :)

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Re: Hive android app with BGA inside

Postby djibouss » 13 February 2019, 10:06

PinkAmpersand wrote:Pretty serious bug here: If your opponent proposes a draw, and you click anywhere other than the notification box, the box disappears, but it doesn't go through as an accept or a decline.

This was fixed in last version (6.5.3). Now clicking outside of the box doesn't close it any more. Thx a lot for finding this!

Jewdoka wrote:Nice work jbchaubet!!

Thx! I'm very glad that the Hive world master has tried it out :-)

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Re: Hive android app with BGA inside

Postby akixci » 17 February 2019, 11:37

I was just thinking about this and was supposed to ask the friend I met while playing Stone Age. Will try this one, job well done BGA & to the awesome developer!

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