Reversing when Fill hand has Dups Clued

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Reversing when Fill hand has Dups Clued

Post by Daredek » 16 March 2019, 06:14

I want to clue a Reverse to a 4, but multiple 3's are clued in the fill player's hand. Which 3 or unclued is played?

I want to clue Player Y holding a 4
Player Z is holding two 3's Clued (including chop).
Should player Z play his left 3? or his unclued? or wait for a color clue? etc.

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Re: Reversing when Fill hand has Dups Clued

Post by Ankeszu » 16 March 2019, 12:32

If the negatives and the timing of 3 clue doesn't help to figure color of the 3s, I believe Z should play left of the clued 3s.

If the unclued newest card is expected to be played, you can as well not clue 4 but allow player Y to bluff/finesse/simply clue newest card on Z, and next turn clue 4 to play, if it's still relevant. Reverses and finesses aren't always the best choice, especially when they are unclear.

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