Someone answers you whats going on

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Baby Woodrose
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Someone answers you whats going on

Post by Baby Woodrose » 16 April 2019, 14:27

I was kinda surprised a new topic came out with Eugillon/Olikka accusing again BGA of algorythm manipulation.

Let's state the obvious, BGA doesn't rig games, if we're talking about financial aspects, the best move they did and continue to do is premium advantages...Terra Mystica brought 'em lots of money for sure.

For the ones of you thinking this is troll's not...Eugillon is not a troll...he's a smart player who can get angry like many of us...especially when I beat him 5 times in a row at Targi back in the days :twisted:

He's probably under the influx of paranoia, he plays all games with luck involved what means that adversity strikes by times.

The key is in our brain. Martial arts learn that. If you don't manage rage you're at a loss. Very bad luck can create rage, especially if you are battling for elo and nr.1 position. If you don't manage that, rage expands through your cells and limits your intellect.

That's how a series begin, I remember those 5 games I mentioned above....after the second or third loss complains about luck in chat...every game he started to play worse.

There are some games where I've had unbelievable series, Race for the Galaxy and Seasons. Highly tactical/strategical games with a good dose of luck involved. There have been days I've been down and Race was the place where I would hide for some hours...I could lose 10 games in a row because I was angry and didn't think enough. Going from expert to good player...and when the sun shined again....back to expert.

There was a time in my life (kids born) I was so happy I managed a 51 win streak at Targi (including high score record, 53) mainly playing experts or good players.

The key is in your brain Eugy...that was again the same with your Olikka started well with some wins, then it went the other way and you got nervous in chat and lost another bunch in a row.

How do you exactly manipulate algorithms in a no luck game like Chess or Terra Mystica? You know what Eugy? I play those two games and am good at it, we can play those two, you and me, no luck, no algorithms to complain, competition is on...

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Re: Someone answers you whats going on

Post by Yorgad » 16 April 2019, 20:57

TLDR = In poker it's called "to tilt".


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Re: Someone answers you whats going on

Post by sourisdudesert » 19 April 2019, 21:45

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