The Artifact

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The Artifact

Post by TheGriggy »

I don't understand why this is in the game. It's a terrible place to go. Realistically, you've just doubled the chances that you are found.

I'd love to see a variant where the artifact gives a different power. For example, if you use the artifact:

-Discard one place card and copy any place card on the map (aside from artifact),
-Play a card that ignores Targeting + A tokens (but not creature)
-Spend 1 will and move any player token
-Pass a turn
Really anything. I don't know why a place was added to help the monster.

The point of the game is to be as scarce as possible, making it as difficult as possible for monster. This card does the opposite.
Shaq Jenkins
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Re: The Artifact

Post by Shaq Jenkins »

I agree. The Artifact is a terrible card. New players constantly take this card even though its power does more harm than good. I lost a game recently because the creature focused on the player with The Artifact and caught him every single round.

I think The Artifact should work like the Vortex survival card (discard a place card to swap your current place card with one from your hand).
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Re: The Artifact

Post by ClimateChangeIsReal »

Perhaps we should implement the alternative artefacts (promos) as a variant:
Yellow - Cancel Artemia or retrieve 2 places
Green - Discard 1 place card to move someone
Red - Copy a place from your discard

(I wonder about a variant where you use all 4, but only one of each in the reserve, and a token on place 10 hits all the Artefacts...)
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Re: The Artifact

Post by nmego »

The same question was asked on BGG, and that was the developer's response:
The Artefact is very powerful but you need to be clever.

It's 2 places but also 2 actions. If you are caught in one, the other is still ok. Of course, it's not the first card you chose when you go to the rover. It's more useful in end game. And the Creature dosen't go very often there.

The promos are there because they were easy to do : just a change in color and text (so no new artwork).
Since NO ONE uses this place, the creature is likely to never go there. Which means that it is quite safe, even if you want to just hide from the creature. Then it is just a high risk-high reward place. Probably not the best but hey it has its uses.
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Re: The Artifact

Post by Romain672 »

I generally just use it for taking back one other card since the place is fairly safe.

For using the effect... With few players, I don't think it's worth it, your goal is to hide from the creature, not trying to increase the number of place done.
With lots of players, I wonder. But I still think it's counter productive. It only add +1 player, and if you don't use for getting something good out of it (1, 4, 7, 8, 9), it will just help the creature.

So on theory, the creature should put more probability on these place... So it's counter productive, it doesn't change much things... I still prefer take back another usefull card (like a 7, 8, or 9).

Now, with some card effect, for example, if you know someone can move the creature token, perhaps there is some use for it but I'm still not sure...
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