Efficient Conventions: Opening 2's

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Efficient Conventions: Opening 2's

Post by Daredek » 13 July 2019, 07:53

It has been a long time since I played Efficient Style. Do I clue Opening 2's (especially in 2P)?

PS Is there a FAQ for Efficient conventions?
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Re: Efficient Conventions: Opening 2's

Post by Romain672 » 14 July 2019, 20:40

So, with bga conventions :
- with 2 players, you save 2 on chop ;
- with 3 players, you doesn't save 2 on chop. Please note on our hanabi group we save them cause it's regulary tricky to save them early on, cause we have less finesse, bluff, and chop management to do at 3 players compared to 4/5 ;
- with 4 or 5 players, you don't save the 2 even on chop. If you want a reason why, it's because bga convention lets us use many bluff and finesse, so you often can save some 2 even on chop with a simple bluff. Or in the worst case, all others players will let the player with a 2 on chop do all the clue for save it for a longer time.
It's just less and less efficient to save them when you increase the number of players. Does it stay enough efficient with 4 players to save them? We considered that no.

Now, with 2 players, there is some tricky hand : x-x-x-1-x-2.
From my experience, some players will consider that 1 then 2 mean that your 2 is playable, else you would have done 2 then 1.
I don't like this way of thinking, but take care of that.


And I don't like the term 'Efficient conventions', cause bga conventions isn't efficient, it juste give some good results while staying simple. You can find some conventions/rules/logic which are way harder to play but more efficient.


And for your PS : No, but after finesse, bluff, reverse, the play of 1 by the right, the save of the 2, playing/clueing the position of a card at end game, I don't think we have a lot more conventions.
After, it just became some logic and deduction, per example you can regulary saw some situation where you should play from the right, even with a safe approach. Or knowing if you have an useless or important card in chop. Or knowing what is your card in #1 position cause another player didn't bluff/finesse the same card on another player...
There is still lots of things which are deductible even with bga conventions.

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