New trophy awarding screen

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New trophy awarding screen

Post by sourisdudesert » 12 August 2019, 11:18

We introduced today a new trophy awarding screen:


This screen is step of our work on the BGA metagame, which includes the current work on the upcoming Arena mode.

The general orientation of our work on trophies is:
_ to make them more "personal" (=> something that you collect rather than something you show to everyone).
_ to transform them to "achievement" instead of "trophies" (=> something that you gain once and keep forever).
_ to make "top trophies" seasons based (ie: they are awarded at the end of each season based on what you've done in the past season, and then you can keep them forever).

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Re: New trophy awarding screen

Post by failedatquittingBGA » 13 August 2019, 13:17

I find this pretty annoying. Will there be a way to disable this screen?

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Re: New trophy awarding screen

Post by Serilo » 13 August 2019, 20:44

Yes it is annoying and serves no other purpose for me.

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Re: New trophy awarding screen

Post by Zlipolr » 21 August 2019, 08:38

Got my first trophies in this new manner and immediately searched inside settings to disable this.

This new trophy screen makes the experience of playing on BGA stressful instead of relaxing. I have never cared much for BGA trophies except for a cursory glance once in a while for fun. Since trophies become extremely prominent through this new screen, it takes away from the joy of just playing for fun.

Please add a setting to make this new trophy awarding screen optional. Thanks.

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