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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by asd123321 » 13 September 2019, 18:45

The Expand all is good, but there is the clutter of blank games with Create.

We now have to hit Play Now, Create and Open. Having only 1 could streamline this and
get rid of the blank games.

Since we have a number of games Opened and don't know 1 is ready, have Auto Start but
not Accept or bring up that game when the required number of players is there.

When we open a game, put us in that last one so we can easily see the status of that game.

Now there is an Extra Click to reopen a game that has expired.

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by Nettflikks » 13 September 2019, 18:49

Agree with those who appreciate the effort and are glad to have BGA at all. Also agree with those who prefer the previous lobby and find it easier to use. Specifically, it seemed much easier to 'scan' or 'browse' games, which is a typical mode of use for me (and presumably many others).

It'd be interesting to synthesize the analysis from usage statistics, e.g., % of players who play multiple games (presumably very high) and, among those, the relative frequency of favorite games -- what % plays a relatively "even distribution" of games, what % plays 1 or 2 more than 80% of the time ('multi-game in name only'), etc. Is that anonymized data on here somewhere? That'd be cool and interesting. Please count me among interested and qualified participants in any design discussion you open to members. :)

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by the1337surgeon » 13 September 2019, 19:27

I can only see 3-4 open games at a time on my screen using the small icons with a large monitor. Am I missing something? I now have to make significantly more clicks to see/find and join games. For someone with my style of lobby interaction this update is making it more difficult to play.

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by ca2 » 13 September 2019, 19:28

The new lobby is so ten steps backwards :( ...I hope it will change back!!!!

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by litheandra » 13 September 2019, 20:25

I was a Premium (monthly user) before, just couple of months this year. Totally loved it. Stopped subscription because sth came up in life.

Well, today was the day for me coming back... this new lobby is so unintuitive. All I want is to find desks for games that I'm interested (2-3 games) and play, if available. It was very easy to do but now it's enigma (or I have to spend all my time clicking clicking clicking; I do really hope that you have UX/UI person in team who did analysis / tests before all those new lobby changes were implemented, because otherwise much more unpleasant surprises are waiting for me and others, trying to use it; it's more than just "novelty" problems, it's UX/UI problems of new design).

The biggest problem for me personally was inability to see all the tables in a compact size. It is due grouping of games + big icons. The thing here is when I used to look for a table (in real time), I checked few games at the same time. Now those two games might require me scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down instead of seeing them all.

I did consider buying full year account (before), but now I'm not sure I even want a month account. As a person above said, "10 steps backward".

I do appreciate what BGA is doing but this is not nice design at all. I'll probably skip my premium and see how things develop, both design & communication with community.

Just 50 cents of premium user.
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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by n i 6 t e a k » 13 September 2019, 20:26

Guys, if you doing new design/new interface/new awards(as these hexagon which i also don't like) then please give a choice to people - Do they really want to change it or no., surely someone doesn't like it, so don't force them to use it or you guys will lose a lot of people on this...
I appreciate that it is hard work to make it, but read comments that people thinking about it, don't ignore this :!: :idea:

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by sourisdudesert » 13 September 2019, 22:06


Following the feedback of some of you, we added a "See all available tables" at the bottom of the "Favorite" section.

Using this tab, you are able to see the list of all tables for your favorite games, ordered by creation time (like in the previous lobby).

This way, each of you can choose to use the new design (tables grouped by games) or the old one (tables ordered by creation time).

We are doing this update for the players who are playing a lot of different games here, and prefer to join other tables than creating new ones.

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by Cappie » 13 September 2019, 22:43

I have to say I really like the new set-up.
And I also like that you have brought back the old one as an option.
Really good extra service to your customers!! :D

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by RicardoRix » 13 September 2019, 23:44

sourisdudesert wrote:
13 September 2019, 22:06

Following the feedback of some of you, we added a "See all available tables" at the bottom of the "Favorite" section.
Thanks for this.

I have noticed though that this setting (See all available tables) is not remembered between site visits.

In my turn-based games list, I can also see green real-time games quite often that are just about the start.

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by firexed » 14 September 2019, 00:27

The new setup is good, but it would be better to remove all empty tables of favorite games that just take up space

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